Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
What will you find on this page?
This page will contain a variety of documentation on Turok 2. It will contain stories as well as articles and anything else that has been written down about clans and such in Turok 2.

The Date is Monday, the 4th of December in the year 2000, at 9:59:15pm


This Page was created by (SiR) Kalypse. or All content and images on these pages are property of their respected owners. Some material has been borrowed from other sites. Materials from Turok 2 are copyrighted by their respected owner.

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Turok 2 Review - A review of Turok 2. This again was written by me. This is also posted on my SiR site(

Who Cares!? - This is the article from the Turok Zone written by NitroMX. It was written in Febuary of 2000 and told about what B!tchass went through when talking to Acclaim

April 1999 - Another Article Written by me, It tells about Turok 2 during April of 1999.

Players with Influence on the Turok 2 Community - This was written by me and is an opinion of who has had the most influence on the Turok 2 Community.

Cheaters - This is an an article written by Radimus. This is his first one as a staff member of this site.

Turok 2 Situation - This is the second Article written by Radimus.


Clan Rules and Related Materials

RoH Rules - This a copy of the ORIGINAL RoH rules. They went down as a major failure for 2 reasons. #1 They were not enforced enough. #2 Members did not obey them. They were intended to keep the clan in line and active.

RoH vs DeF1 8-8-99 - The setup for the first clan match RoH participated in. Includes the specs on the match. Originally written by The Man.

RoH vs NBK 9-18-99 - The setup for the second match with NBK. Originally written by The Man.

Umbrella Clan Fight Rules - Clan Fight Rules for the Umbrella Clan. I really haven't read this, but it looked like it would be good for the site.

Umbrella Clan Rules - Clan Rules from the Umbrella Clan. These rules were regularly broken by their own leader.

SiR Ranking System - This is the SiR ranking system that was developed by Damage Inc.

Fighting Turokian Warriors Ranking System - This is another rarely seen item. Forgotten by just about everyone, I'm almost sure of that. Another example of a ranking system that was used in Turok 2.

RoH Constitution - This was never finished or used. It was started in November of 1999 by Kalypse. It was intended to outline everything that would be done in the RoH clan. Movement to other games, leadership, adding members, everything. It was not finished or published until now. Differences in opinion prevented this from ever being useful.

PQ Clan Rules - These are the rules of the PQ clan. They were taken from their website.

Clan Histories

RoH History Part 1 - The first part of the History written by me, Kalypse. This is the same as the version that was on my previous RoH site.

RoH History Part 2 - Same as above, only part 2.

RoH History Part 3 - Same as above, only part 3.

RoH History Part 4 - Same as above, only part 4. This the Final Part of the RoH history that I will write.

GSA History - Written by Bidget(GSA). This is a short history of the GSA clan. Thanks for the contribution.

The LttP Story - Written by (FoN)Radimus. This is the story of what LttP was. Thanks for contributing.

The Story of RD - This was taken from the Reapers of Death Page. Thanks for letting me use this Alien Probe.

Story of the GZ clan - Taken from the GZ page.

SiR Clan History - A new SiR clan history written by Kalypse.

*NEW*GZ Clan History - Real history of the GZ clan.


Stories or Messages from Turok 2 players

Message for Chief - This is a message to all Turok 2 players written by Chief from DTC. I agree with this a lot.

Chaotic's Story - The Story of how Chaotic got into Turok 2.

Giskard's Story - The whole story of how Giskard got into the game to DeF1 and everything after that.

Bungle's Last Words - The Final Message of Mr. Bungle to his Armageddon Clan members. This was written a long time ago, but its rarely been seen.

Pam and Dr.Greenthumb's Real Story - I took this from Trance's PK site. Its an explanation of some of what Pam and Dr. Greenthumb have done.

Sinister's Farewell Speech - This is the message that Sinister wrote when he left Turok 2.

Kalypse from January of 2000 - A message that I wrote when RoH was in a fued with the U clan.

Tournament Setup by Godfather - An old tournament that was setup by Godfather when he was in the SF clan.

Seifer's Story - This is a story taken from the old G2K site. I wasn't planning to add this but I don't see much reason not to.



FoN in Asccii - This was done by Subzero. Its the FoN logo done in asccii characters.

LethaL Blacklist - This is an edited version of the blacklist from the old LL page. I took out stuff I didn't agree with or wasn't sure about. This is as close to putting up a blacklist as I will get. As some of you may or may not know I'm against blacklists as I beleieve they are not only do not work, but are also very unprofessional. They are a part of Turok 2 however so I will put this up.

Screen Shot Info - Information from Phoenix on how to make screenshots.

*NEW*Taunt Info - Info on how to make custom taunts for Turok 2.

*NEW*Petition to Acclaim - This is a petition that was made by VTO Silly in an attempt to get some help from Acclaim.

Thats it for now. Will post more as I get them.