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This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
What will you find on this page?
This page will contain tributes to some of the great clans from Turok history.This page currently has the AC, old RoH and the LL clans.
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Every once in a while there comes a clan that leaves a tremendous impression on the Turok 2 Community. Whether it was the players or the leader, the closeness of the clan or the proffesionalism of the clan, the clan leaves a mark on Turok 2 that can never be forgotten. I beleive that there has only been 3 such clans in existance so far. AC, LL, and RoH. All three of these clans left such a big impression on Turok 2 that it is still felt today in the clans that still exist.


Armageddon Clan *AC*

AC Members

Mr. Bungle
Capt. Howdy
Drilla Killa
Ass Kicker
Grey Wulf

This clan, now forgotten by many, was one of the best clans in Turok 2 history. I lasted from early Spring in 1999 to the Fall of 1999. It was created by Bond and Bungle and was built into a powerful clan within a few months. The clan brought new innovation that would show in later Turok 2 clans. They were the first Turok 2 clan to have voting. The Hall of Shame was first used by AC. They were the first clan to put together a new taunt pack for Turok 2. They actually made 3 of them, one for Gant, one for Iggy and one for the Addon. They were the first and most dominant arena clan of all time. They dominated the arena in a way that no clan has since duplicated. Not only were they outstanding players, but they were great guys to play with. They always played fair and did not trash talk like many do these days. The clan hit its peak in the Summer of 1999. Unfortunatly problems arose in the clan. Some members became unhappy and the clan slowly fell apart.

In my mind this clan will forever to immortalized as one of the best clans of all time. The combination of skill and class has rarely been matched in Turok 2 history.


Realm of HaDeS (RoH)

RoH Members

Damage Inc.
The Man
Pit Viper
Well some of you are probably asking what this is. This is my second tribute. The RoH clan from March of 1999 to September of 1999. This was before much of the politics got involved in the clan and damaged it several times. RoH was a very powerful clan during this time. RoH's earliest successes started in April. Playing in what servers were availible at that time. We won very often and stayed friends with most other people. The earliest members, HaDeS, Maniac, Scarab, WaveX, and myself, Kalypse used to joke about us being a dream team. Whether we were or not, we tried our best to win and didn't back down from fights. A rivalry eventually developed with the LL clan. Both clans built each other in attempt to stay stronger than the opposition. By late July though, things were looking bad. The clan was falling apart. Vertig0 and others managed to save the clan. HaDeS went on vacation and Vertig0 became leader. The clan started adding more members during August. The remaining members of the then AA clan joined RoH solidifying the roster. Aftermath, Scorpion and others joined making the clan the best at that time. Rookie help us out by putting up a sever all the time for Turok 2 players to play on. Everything would have seemed to be going very well for RoH.

This was not ment to be though. Shortly the RoH tournament(which Havok won), Frasse quit RoH and joined LL. This and other events eventually lead to a stand off with several members. HaDeS quit the clan in September. After that the clan was renamed the Soldiers in Rage. Then at the end of September, most of the clan ended up in a fight. A group of players left to continue the SiR clan. I lead a group of players on to continue using the RoH name. And still another group of players left to go on their own. RoH suffered a deep scar from this. The clan lost a great deal of talented players and many friends went their seperate ways. RoH wasn't the same after this. (For more details on the events of RoH, visit the Documents Page and find out more about what happened to RoH)


Lethal [LL]

LL Members

Killer Z
Wood Pussy
The Jew
Your Friend
Creeping Death
Ass Kicker
Driller Killer
Ma Bad

I'm not even sure that this roster I have here is complete. I don't think it is. These are the members from LL that I can remember off the top of my head. The Lethal clan was formed in the Spring of 1999 by Roguekiller. Killer Z joined early on in its history as well as others. It housed many great names from Turok 2 history. Some were only members for a short period of time, others for greater lengths. Rogue built the clan by doing whatever he had to. Many members came and went, all these members were never in the clan at the same time though. This clan eventually became the best in Turok at one point, only to fall. Roguekiller disappeared in March of 2000 and his clan gradually fell apart. Killer Z took over the leadership during the Summer, but he didn't have enough time to make a competitive clan. Finally Z declared the clan dead on November 9th. This clan has only been rivaled by RoH and AC for pure talent. Each of these clans lead the Turok world at one point or another. LL had its turn and has since faded into the past.

I have mixed feelings about the LL clan finally breaking up. I was in RoH, their biggest rival for a very long time. I had a few friends in this clan and also others that I didn't get along with. I didn't beleive in Rogue's attitude towards other clans or the way he built his clan. And as a result, I never really got along well with him. Killer Z on the other hand is one of the coolest people I have met online. In anycase I am sad that this clan broke up. They were one of the best in Turok 2 when at full strength.