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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
What will you find on this page?
This page will contain all staff members of the Turok 2 Archive, past and present.
The Date is Monday, the 4th of December in the year 2000, at 10:33:26pm


This Page was created by (SiR) Kalypse. Kalypse@turok.com or Kalypse@roh.itgo.com. All content and images on these pages are property of their respected owners. Some material has been borrowed from other sites. Materials from Turok 2 are copyrighted by their respected owner.

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About this site
This site is intended to be used as an archive of the past year of the Turok 2 Community . Most of it is based around the multiplayer for the PC. In order to make this site better I need donations. Not money, I want graphics, stories, articles, pictures, history of clans, anything that relates to Turok 2. The more of it I get, the more I can post. If you want to send me a file, then send it through Hotmail to KalypseX@hotmail.com. I will not be accepting files through ICQ because there have been too many security flaws lately in that program. If you can help me with my timeline and know the dates of when events happened, then I could very much use the help. The bottom line is that this site will be used to highlite everything that has happened in the Turok 2 community.

The Current Staff of This Site


About Me
The less thats known about me the better. I am the webmaster of this site. I was a member of the RoH clan from March of 1999 to Febuary of 2000. I was leader of the RoH clan for about 2 months. I also breifly took over leadership of the SiR clan in Damage Inc's absence. Thats all the information you need to know. I will stay a mystery.

Contact Me
ICQ#: (SiR) Kalypse - 26199428
AIM: Kalypse X
Email(No files attached): Kalypse@turok.com, Kalypse@roh.itgo.com,
Email(Sending a file): KalypseX@hotmail.com, Kalypse@aol.com

My Job
I'm the Webmaster for the site. Right now I do all the html and the buttons for the page that you see above this text. Some of the html is typed by hand, some is cut and pasted pages that make javascripts and such. Most of the work though, is done in Front Page. I used to make sites from completely typing them out, but I have found that to be too much work. I create some of the graphics on this page myself, but most scattered throughout the site are from other clans. The graphics page is a collection of graphics from past clans and artwork from other people.


About Me
Ummm lets see.. I'm 17 right now, spending way too much time behind my computer when i should study for stuff. playing mostly Turok2 but also very interested in emulation for genesis/megadrive and neo geo. ehh i enjoy the occasional joint but since i live in the netherlands thats not a problem :). I like several kinds of music but some of my fav groups are : The Prodigy , Rob Zombie and Rammstein. If you wish to know anything else just contact me =)

Contact Me
ICQ#: [AoA] Radimus - 32937569
Email: Radimus@turok.com

My Job
Radimus is currently a writer for the site. He writes articles for this page and I post them for the whole Turok Community to see.


About Me
I'm an 18 year old poor college boy from Ohio in the good old USA. I am currently a freshman computer science major at Bowling Green State University. my favorite pasttimes include: ice hockey, rollerblading, music, trumpet, guitar, computers, sleeping, parties, raves, and hot women. My favorite games on the computer include Starseige Tribes, Turok 2, FF VII, and Counterstrike. My favorite types of music include punk/ska/metal/emo/alt/rock genres. Favorite bands: Pixies, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and The Cure. Oh yeah, and for the record, I'm the man that started the ever famous Realm of HaDeS (RoH) clan. Besides Kalypse (who was a founding member), I'm pretty much the longest active Turok 2 player that exists.

Contact Me
ICQ#: (SiR) Machina - 48910334
AIM: Iha23 or WingzFan91
Email: wingzfan91@aol.com (or "@hotmail.com")

My Job
i've been hired by Kalypse to help with the layout, artwork, and articles for the website. i am highly skilled in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and VBScript languages. I am also fairly good with computer art. I do all of my coding by hand, using "EditPad" or "NotePad". I use Photoshop 5.0 for my graphics and occasionally Paint Shop Pro 5.1 when i need transparent images. The only thing i lack is motivation, which i hope to gain by dedicating my time and efforts to the website. Former websites can be found at http://surf.to/RoH, http://fragzone.gq.nu, and several others. I have done sites for both the RoH and SiR clans, which are the only 2 clans i have belonged to.

This site started off being very small, and it was easy to update. This site has slowly grown to a very large size though. I am starting to look for more people to help me with this site. Do not bother me about this though. I will go to the people who I think can help me. You know who you are. Those who have supported me tremendously over the past number of months would be the first people to possibly get a position in doing something on this site.