Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
What will you find on this page?
This page will contain a timeline that tells of all the major events that have happened in Turok 2's history. From the birth and death of clans to the rest of the major events that have affected the community.

The Date is Monday, the 4th of December in the year 2000, at 6:04:54pm


This Page was created by (SiR) Kalypse. Kalypse@turok.com or Kalypse@roh.itgo.com. All content and images on these pages are property of their respected owners. Some material has been borrowed from other sites. Materials from Turok 2 are copyrighted by their respected owner.

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So I've been hearing all these lame rumors lately. Rumors about how (RoH) is dead or down, rumors spread by people who, apparently, aren't paying too much attention to the names of the people that are kicking their asses in servers.
'Cause we are.
Everyone dies when (RoH) is playin' the game. (RoH) has never been down, dead, or doing anything other than mowing down the opposition.

And things aren't
EVER going to be any different.

------ (RoH) Scarab

The History of the Turok 2 Community



Events in Turok 2

Febuary 1999 -Feb. 9- Turok 2 is released in stores. This is the begining of the Turok 2 Timeline.
-Feb. 12- The Turok 2 Demo is Released.
-Feb. ??- The first ever Turok 2 league is started at www.turokcave.com . Six clans make up this league. Action League Now(ALN), Bastid, Shock Troopaz(ST) and three other clans that I can't remember nor do I have any record of. (If you know for certain what the six clans were, then please message me.)
-Feb. ??- The Alien Attack(AA) Clan is formed by M@x+
March 1999 -Mar. ??- The RoH clan clan is formed by HaDeS and Kalypse.
-Mar. 24- The Turok 2 League collapses because of a lack of participation. The clans from this league continue to play Turok 2, but soon after this event, most of them leave or disband.
-Mar. ??- Armageddon Clan(AC) is formed. AC would go on to be one of the great turok 2 clans. Some of its members included Vertig0, Napalm, Bond and Bungle.
-Mar. ??- The No F*cking Mercy(NFM) Clan is formed.
April 1999 -Apr. 2- The Religeon of Hazard(RoH) clan is started by Roadrunner.
-Apr. 9- The Religeon of Hazard clan is folded.
-Apr. 11- The first major organization is done with RoH. The Clan consists of HaDeS, Kalypse, Scarab, Maniac and WaveX.
-Apr. ??- The Lethal(LL) Clan is created by RogueKiller
-Apr. ??- The Natural Born Killers(NBK) are formed.
-Apr. ??- The CLO clan is formed.
-Apr. ??- The first Player Killaz(PK) clan is formed.
-Apr. ??- The Swedish Warrior Elite(SWE) clan is formed.
-Apr. ??- Many of the first generation of Turok 2 players begin here. Many of them had been playing earlier than this, but this is when they are acknowleged as good players.
-Apr. ??- The Netherlands(NL) clan is formed.
May 1999 -May ??- RoH almost moves to Tribes, but does not after some controversy.
-May ??- Acclaims Turok 2 servers disappear for the first time. Acclaims servers would not be reliable after this point.
-May 25- The XTC clan is formed.
June 1999 -June ??- First talks of an RoH-LL alliance are held, nothing comes of it though. RoH and LL go on to be big rival clans.
-June ??- The KKND clan is formed.
-June ??- The CKC clan is formed
-June 19- The CKC clan challenges RoH to a match against XTC. CKC never informs XTC of the match and the match never happens.
-June 24- RogueKiller tries to put together a top 5 Turok 2 players. This is the first time that someone tries to pick out the top players.
-June ??- ALN leaves Turok 2 and moves to Kingpin.
July 1999 -July 14- Defcon 1(DeF1) clan is formed by Catseye.
-July ??- The Ganja Smoking Anihallators(GSA) clan is formed.
-July ??- The Frag Marshalls(FM) Clan is formed.
-July ??- The CCH clan is formed
-July 19-Vertigo leaves AC.
-July 26- Havok and The Man leave RoH in its first break up. RoH is declared dead by some, clinging to life by others. This would lay the ground work for further break ups months later and eventually bitter feuds between some players.
-July 28- Vertig0 joins RoH and becomes the new Leader of RoH, members that left rejoin in a deal to bring back RoH.
-July ??- The CCH clan breaks up.
-July ??- The Comand and Conquer(CC) Clan is formed.
-July ??- The Elite Warriors(EW) is formed by Diamond.
August 1999 -Aug. 1- AA breaks up and the remaining members join RoH.
-Aug. 8- The Man organizes the first official clan match for RoH. This sets the stage for other clans to have matches later on. RoH loses to the original DeF1. There was major lag issues during this game and the match was shutdown midway into the third game.
-Aug. 28- RoH holds an in double elimination in clan tourny. Havok defeats Scarab in the final round to win.
-Aug. ??- PK breaks up when 4u2fear joins DeF1.
-Aug. ??- FM breaks up.
-Aug. ??- The Primagen Clan(P) is formed.
-Aug. ??- The Bad Mother F*ckers(BMF) Clan is formed by Sinister.
-Aug. ??- The Cronic Death Soldiers(cDs) clan is created.
-Aug. ??- The Never Ending Frag Limit(NEFL) is formed.
September 1999 -Sept. 3- The PK clan is restarted by 4U2Fear.
-Sept. 10- RoH is renamed SiR after some name confusion. When HaDeS leaves, there is a desire to change the clan name, but the most liked name Army of Darkness(AoD) is already taken so Soldiers in Rage(SiR) is the next most popular name.
-Sept.13- The Umbrella Clan*U* is formed by Prototype.
-Sept. 22- DeF1 breaks up. The clan leadership is given to MPG and the clan is renamed Soldiers of Force(SoF1).
-Sept. 22- Following the breakup of DeF1, Catman creates a new clan, the Sons of Bitches(SoB). Kraze and Catseye join this new clan.
-Sept. 23- After a clan match with KKND, Vertigo steps down as Leader of SiR, leaving the position vacant.
-Sept. 24- Kalypse becomes Leader of SiR by majority vote.
-Sept. 26- The SiR clans splits into SiR and RoH after a verbal assault on Damage Inc. lead by The Man. The SiR clan consists of Vertig0, Scorpion, Aftermath and is lead by Damage Inc. The RoH clan is lead by Kalypse and consists of the remaining members of the clan. Many players leave both clans at this time over the arguements.
-Sept. 28- XTC breaks up. Kugar goes on to form the Action(AXN) clan.
-Sept. 30- SiR vs RoH goes down as a 3 on 3. SiR comes out on top with some controversy over rules and disconnections.
-Sept. ??- The Army of Darkness(AoD) Clan is formed by Lunar Kid.
-Sept. ??- The Anti-cDs(AcDs) clan is formed and renamed the Fighting Turokian Warriors(FTW) soon after.
October 1999 -Oct. 23- The NL clan is renamed the Dutch Terror Corps(DTC*NL*).
-Oct. 25- The Man defeats HenryChan for his name. A match was made where the loser would forfit his name. The Man beat HenryChan 30-27 for the rights to his name.
-Oct. ??- The FTW and cDs clans fued.
-Oct. ??- The Peace Makers(PM) clan is created by Godfather.
November 1999 -Nov. 1- Iceman starts the Turok 2 newsletter.
-Nov. 8- Clan of Death(CoD) is created.(I never heard much about this clan. How long did they last?)
-Nov. 13- Ice Killa leaves RoH and forms the Serial Killas(SK) Clan.
-Nov. 23- HaDeS takes over leadership of RoH.
-Nov. 25- The short lived SK merges with Primagen.
-Nov. ??- AoD breaks up.
-Nov. ??- Bitchass corresponds with Acclaim employees. It is eventually determined that Acclaim doesn't care a bit about Turok 2 anymore and just tries to ignore us. There is an article on www.turokzone.com that has a summary of what Bitchass went through.
-Nov. ??- The XEN clan is formed.
-Nov. ??- Vertig0 leaves SiR and says the clan is no more, but the SiR clan continues on until it remerges with RoH.
-Nov. ??- Roguekiller starts the Turok 2 bodycount activelist.
-Nov. ??- The Peace Makers clan merges with Primagen.
December 1999 -Dec. ??- The FTW clan breaks up.
-Dec. ??- Firebird wins leadership of Primagen away from Crying Freeman
-Dec. ??- Three formers P members form the Special Forces(SF) Clan.
-Dec. ??- The Frag Squad(FS) is created by Tank.
-Dec. ??- The SoF1 clan breaks up, and most members join the newly formed West Side Connection(WsC) Clan that was created by The Fox.
-Dec. ??- Several former BMFs lead by Ice Killa form the Straight Thug Killas(StK) clan.
-Dec. 21- The Best Shooting Clan(BSC) is formed by JVG, PVG, and Patrick.
-Dec. ??- The AC clan breaks up.
-Dec. 26- Prototype starts the Umbrella Clan Tournament.
January 2000 -Jan. ??- The Man takes control of RoH.
-Jan. ??- SiR remerges into RoH.
-Jan. ??- The SWE clan breaks up.
-Jan. 5- The cDs breaks up.
-Jan. ??- The Reapers of Death(RD) clan is formed by Alien Probe and Crashburn.
-Jan. ??- The BMF clans breaks.
-Jan. ??- The 420 clan is formed.
-Jan. ??- The XEN clan breaks up.
-Jan. ??- The StK clan breaks up.
-Jan. ??- RoH and the U clan fued over clan fights.
-Jan. ??- The CC clan breaks up.
-Jan. 13- Godfather*SF* starts a Turok 2 tournament.
Febuary 2000 -Feb. ??- RoH and LL form an alliance for games other than Turok 2, most people where the Clan Fusion tag in Turok 2 anyway.
-Feb. 20- Damage Inc and Kalypse leave RoH to reform Soldier in Rage(SiR).
-Feb. ??- A group of players lead by Aftermath leave RoH to from the Virtually Tweaked Out(VTO) clan.
-Feb. ?? - The Last Man Standing(LMS) clan is started by Unreal.
-Feb. 24- The DeF1 clan is restarted.
-Feb. ??- The Elite Warriors is renamed the Eternal Warriors(EW).
-Feb. ??- The Turok 2 Body Count activelist is shutdown.
-Feb. 10- The Australian Frag Soldier(ASF) clan is formed.
March 2000 -Mar. 5- PVG joins WsC and the BSC clan breaks up.
-Mar. ??- Sinister and Scarab become leaders of RoH.
-Mar. ??- The Realm of HaDeS clan is renamed the Realm of HuNtErS.
-Mar. ??- RogueKiller disappers.
-Mar. ??- The Immortal Brotherhood(iB) is formed.
-Mar.??- EW breaks up.
-Mar.??- The KGB clan is formed by Rost, Boris and User.
April 2000 -Apr. 11- The SF clan is almost disbanded but comes back together and forms and alliance with 420.
-Apr. 17- Knights of Destrucion(KoD) is formed by Fei and Citizen X.
-Apr. 18- iB breaks up.
-Apr. 20- Mayhem(M) is formed by Prototype. Some of the former iB members join this clan.
-Apr. 23- Citizen-X beats Prototype to win the Umbrella Tournament.
-Apr. ??- The Primagen Clan breaks up.
-Apr. ??- There is an attempt made to restart the 420 clan, but it does not last.
-Apr. ??- The SF clan disappears.
-Apr. ??- The Ultimate Killers(UK) clan is created
May 2000 -May ??- The DWS clan is formed.
-May 4- The AXN breaks up.
-May 4- The Nothing Else Matters(NEM) clan was formed by Lucky Luke.
-May 9- The PK Activelist is created by ibi Shiba*PK*
-May 21- DWS breaks up when Allusion joins Mayhem.
-May 27- DeF1 and LMS merge to form the Killer Instinct Clan(KiC).
-May ??- Much of the LL clan leaves and joins other clans.
-May ??- The 420 clan breaks up.
-May ??- The KiC activelist is created.
-May 30- This Archive is started.
-May ??- The FS clan breaks up.
-May ??- Clan X is created.
-May ??- The Serial Killing Snipers(SKS) clan is formed by Alan.
June 2000 -June ??- The Dark Vampires(DV) clan is formed by Cinder.
-June 8- The FON Clan is formed.
-June 11- Most of the WsC clan leaves after a mention of a break up, however 3 members remain.
-June 16- Clan X merges with Mayhem.
-June ??- The Silent Warriors(SW) clan is formed.
-June 16- The DV clan is renamed Imortal Creatures(IC).
-June 21- Hybo(swe) becomes the new leader of PK.
-June 22- Killer Z becomes the new leader of LL.
-June ??- The KiC clan breaks up.
-June ??- The SKS clan breaks up.
-June ??- The KiC activelist is shutdown.
-June ??- The UK clan breaks up.
-June ??- The KGB clans breaks up when Rost joins KiC.
-June ??- The Power Quebec(PQ) Clan is formed by Blade.
July 2000 -July 1- Ice Killa, Matrix and Macguyver form the Ultimate Clan Killas(UcK).
-July 2- Stealth leaves VTO to restart the 420 clan.
-July 20- The short lived 420 clan is renamed several times before disappearing.
-July 22- The DeF1 Clan is restarted again.
-July 22- The SFH clan is renamed the Bringers of Mercy(BoM) clan.
-July 24- The Command and Conquer(CC) clan reforms.
-July 24- The BoM clan breaks up.
-July 27- The Primagen clan returns.
-July ??- The Lost Souls(LS) Clan is formed by Faz.
-July ??- The Genesis Zion(GZ) clan is formed.
-July ??- The ISR clan is formed.
-July ??- The IC clan disappears.
-July ??- The SW clan disappears.
August 2000 -Aug. 6- Hawk leaves UcK and forms Generation 2 Killas(G2K).
-Aug. 10- The UcK clan breaks up.
-Aug.10- The Genocide(G) clan is formed.
-Aug. 10- The Mayhem Clan breaks up.
-Aug. 10- The Team Genesis clan is formed.
-Aug. 16- The Genocide clan becomes the Evangelion clan(E).
-Aug. ??- The Lazarus Clan(LC) is formed by Lazer.
-Aug. ??- The Killing Machine(KM) Clan is formed by Cane and the_shyster.
-Aug. 21- The DSK clan breaks up.
-Aug. 25- The Digital Xtreme(TDX) Clan is formed.
-Aug. 26- The 420 clan is back again.
-Aug. ??- The Super Saiyans(SS) clan is formed
-Aug. ??- The VIP clan is formed.
-Aug. ??- The Saints of Zodiac(SoZ) clan is formed.
-Aug. ??- The Murder Corps(MC) Clan is formed.
-Aug. ??- The 420 clan disapppears as fast as it is reformed.
-Aug. ??- The KoD clan disappears.
-Aug. ??- The TNT clan is formed.
-Aug. 30- Prototypes Website is hacked.
September 2000 -Sept. ??- The TG clan disbands when Prototype's website is hacked.
-Sept. ??- The VGS clan is formed.
-Sept. ??- The Alusion's Killing Army(AKA) clan is formed.
-Sept. ??- The 420 clan is restarted again.
-Sept. ??- The TDX clan breaks up.
-Sept. 6- The Evangelion clan is shutdown.
-Sept. ??- The Ronin Clan breaks up.
-Sept. ??- The FaD clan breaks up.
-Sept. ??- The Nobs clan is formed.
-Sept. ??- The Soldier clan is formed.
-Sept. ??- The Soldier and Super Saiyan clans merge to become the Super Saiyan clan.
October 2000 -Oct. 9- The SWE clan is restarted by Jooman and Sadam.
-Oct. ??- The BIO clan is started by Destroyer and Masacre.
-Oct. 15- AKA breaks up.
-Oct. 15- Alusion and Primagen form the Seed clan.
-Oct. ??- The DeF1 clan is broken up.
-Oct. ??- The ISR clan disappears.
-Oct. ??- The LC clan disappears.
-Oct. ??- The MC clan disappears.
-Oct. ??- The Gods of Doom(GOD) clan is formed Solaris.
-Oct. 21- The Raptor with Guns(RWG) clan is formed by Gunner.
-Oct. ??- The Death is Awaiting(DIA) clan is formed.
-Oct. 25- The FON clan is declared dead.
-Oct. ??- The 911 clan is formed.
-Oct. 25- The Army of Annihilators(AoA) clan is formed.
November 2000 -Nov. 1- The Unstoppable Digital Army(UDA) is formed by DjoZ and SnIpEr.
-Nov. 4- The HoBz clan is formed by ME and Breadfan.
-Nov. 9- The Eternal Warriors(EW) clan is restarted.
-Nov. 9- The Lethal clan is declared dead by Killer Z.
-Nov. 14- The Killers Without Remorse(KWR) clan is created.
-Nov. ??- The Gophers Against Half Life(GAHL) clan is created.
December 2000 -Dec. ??- Moved the SoZ, GoD clans to the Past clans page due to inactivity
-Dec. 12- The Masters of Originality(MoO) clan is formed by Giskard.
-Dec. ??- The EW clan breaks up.
-Dec. ??- The Cool Stuff(CS) clan is formed by Freak.
-Dec. ??- The Wizz Kidzz(WK) clan is formed by Maniac
-Dec. ??- The Snipers of the Night(SotN) clan is formed.
-Dec. ??- The SFH clan is formed by Otis.
-Dec. ??- The SWE clan breaks up again.
-Dec. ??- The 911 clan breaks up.
January 2001 -Jan. ??- The RWG clans folds.
-Jan. ??- The Demons of Darkness (DoD) clan is formed by Apocalypse and Vegeta.
-Jan. ??- The Creatures From Hell(CFH) clan is formed by Shak.
-Jan. ??- The MoO clan breaks up.
-Jan. 29- Moved the CC, VGS and GAHL clans to the past clan page due to inactivity.
-Jan. ??- The SSS clan disappears.
-Jan. ??- SSJ4 clan is formed.

Missing dates

Missing creation of RONIN
Missing 3 of the original 6 Turok 2 clans.
I also have a clan called PKS but I don't know where they fit it. I do know it was somewhere in the begining of the timeline, were they one of the original 6? Maybe some of the vetrans can help me out on this one.
When was XIR formed and when did they break up?
When did BKC form and when did they break up?
When was CK formed, What does CK stand for?
When did BAK form and when did they break up?
What did CCH stands for?
When did SC form, what did SC stand for and when did they break up.
When was LC formed?
If anyone knows who the leaders were of any of these clans, that would help also.

If you can answer any of these questions, please contact me so I can fix the timeline and make it more complete. If there are any other innacurracies in this timeline, please contact me so i can make the corrections.