Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
The Community
The Turok 2 Community is probably the most unique of any multiplayer game out there. The game came out in February of 1999 but never quite hit its potential as a PC game. The people who have supported it though have never given up on it. This game had more potential than most games out there now. Those who do play are amazed with its unique style of play. Around this game has developed a Community of dedicated players. Clans are formed by players from all over the world. Overtime clans have come and gone and there has rarely been a shortage of strange occurrences in the game. Some constants seem to remain though. The oldest clan still existing is RoH. It was formed by HaDeS in march of 1999. It has since seen many leaders and many changes, but still has yet to disappear. There are still a few veterans playing the game even. Most have left for other games, but there are a few originals left. HaDeS, Damage Inc, Vertigo, Killer Z, Animal, Chief, Pulle, Hybo, Wicket, Willow, Jooman, and myself, Kalypse have all played since the beginning of the game. There is probably others that have been playing since then begining that I have missed, If I have done so, I apologize. This comunity has been closer then any other game out there will ever be.

This Page was created by (SiR) Kalypse. Kalypse@turok.com or Kalypse@roh.itgo.com. All content and images on these pages are property of their respected owners. Some material has been borrowed from other sites. Materials from Turok 2 are copyrighted by their respected owner.


11-14-01 Update not related to Turok 2
Well, here we go, an update, but this really doesn't have anything to do with Turok 2. It really has more to do with this site and my free hosting. I got a nice email from freeservers today. They said hey, we are offering to upgrade your free service to premium for no charge for one month. And then they said, oh yea btw, if you don't take this offer, we are going to take away some of your free options. So now I'm going to lose 8 megs of free space, and all my stats for this site. Also I will be losing all files above 256kb and now have a limit of 512mb of bandwidth per month. I have no idea how much bandwidth this site takes up, they don't have any listings on it to tell me, I don't think the site comes anywhere near this much bandwidth but I don't know. Also losing some other options that I don't think I use. This kinda pisses me off though. I have used their services for over 2 years now, between the RoH site that this used to be and the Current Archive. I have followed their rules of no warez etc. I even try to avoid having any swearing on the site whenever possible. And where does it get me? More limits on what I can do. I have slowly had other option taken away from me in the past and let it happen without posting anything on here about it. I used to be able to post zip files for people to download, as you may notice there are some on the downloads page. I don't know when they stopped letting me use them. I just noticed one day that they would no longer download. Later on I had limits imposed on the size of uploads allowed. Originally I think there was no limit, then it was like 2 megs or something, then 500k, now its cut in half again. I think at one point, Free Servers even stopped me from being allowed to use anyfiles that could be downloaded for use offline, zip files, movies, rar files, and many other formats. I suppose this complaining really gets me nowhere, so I'll stop where I am. After all it is a free service. It just irritates me when companies do this. They are not making enough money off the site so they have to limit it more and more to the point where there is no reason to even bother with a page because there is nothing useful you can do with it other than put up a picture of yourself and tell all your friends you have a website. Not only is that a complete waste of time and energy, it's completely retarded. So what to do now. For now the Archive will remain here until I can find a new host. I'm really not sure where I will move it to, but I think almost anywhere else would be better. I will find another host as soon as I have some time for it and the archive will be moved there. I may just keep this site here until I hit 10,000 on the counter. It's not that far off anyways. So speed up the transition of this site. Send all your friends here so that the counter will hit the 10,000 mark that I have been waiting for. Hopefully if I find a good host, maybe I can do more with the site, like have an actually downloads page that works. Well I'm out of here. I have better things to do right now. Goodnite.

11-01-2001 Players page updated
A small update really, I added some more people to the players page. Made corrections from those who told me about things that were wrong. Added many former LL players, deleted a couple people that I have on the list twice, Current Player count is 375. The list is still very incomplete. Please send me any information that you know that could help make this list more complete.

10-13-2001 First update in a long time
Well it's been a long time since any update but hopefully I will get a little time every few weeks to add something to this page again. I have wanted to work on this for a while and just haven't had much time. NEW PAGE. Thats basically what this update is about. I have added a large players page that is still very incomplete but I will be adding to it as I have time. There is a link on the left side above to go there or click here to see the new addition.
I plan to add profiles for each person if anyone would like to submit them. In my next update, I will write up a small profile for myself as an example and then everyone can use that for a base of their own profiles. This is entirely up to you to do. I don't think anyone would have time to write up 500 profiles on players. Anything else you would like to see added? drop me a email and tell me. If you would like to submit something to the site, such as a past clan, write up a profile like the ones I have on that page and I will give you credit for it. I plan to add a few more documents I have collected and I still intend on finding a way to make the downloads page work, I will have to do some tinkering with that when I have time. BTW - Current Player count is 352, and I must give credit to Radimus and RedXxII for helping me out with this tremendous task, If your name is not up there, email me your information and I will add it. Thanks, I think thats all for now. Oh yea, and I have decided to reopen the Guestbook for now. It will work again like it used to.

4-4-2001 Limited Update
Almost 2 months since my last update. Site is simply too big for one person to do. Took me several hours just for this limited update. What does limited mean? Well I updated the clan profiles, added a couple clan matches, thats about it. Not a whole lot going on in Turok as usual. Return of 420, Mayhem, Prototype and 4u2fear. Clan profiles are probably still inaccurate right now. Theres too much to do with them. Only a few people report information to me so that doubles my work, having to check out sites for information and then update it on mine own. This may be the last update for some time. I don't follow what goes on in Turok much anymore. I don't check my ICQ# for message but maybe once a day and rarely get messages on anything to be updated. Thanks to all those who have sent me info though. You have helped me more then you know. AoA is gone, some members joined PK. Theres more clanfights out there, but I don't bother adding them without a date. More clans, but no one reports them to me so they don't get added either. I made some other small fixes on the site. With Tribes 2 out now and Red Alert 2, my time in Turok will gradually fade away. Maybe I'll do some more with the site over the summer, but I'm just not going to spend 3-4 days a week fixing every little thing by myself like I used to. I don't have the time or will to do so and try to work fulltime anymore.

2-12-2001 A month later, still not much news
I waited a while to do this update, but there still isn't much to change on the site. Only a lot of small changes to clan profiles basically. I added a couple links, including one for the Top 25 Turok 2 Websites. Added a few more Documents. Added in 2 more clan matches, haven't gotten any more reports of others, though I'm sure there was more. The MoO clan has broken up due to inactivity. Most members joined RoH. I moved several other inactive clans off the current clans page. A couple new clans have popped up. DoD and CFH are the latest additions. I did some massive work on the downloads page to make it work now but I have just found out that it still doenst work so I wont upload it. . I added MoO and Hobz to the Past clans page. Updated the Primagen profile on the Past clans page. I beleive I have corrected most of the roster on the Current Clans page. RoH has added several new members. Jooman, Giskard, Ma Bad, Primagen, Morpheous, OBCKill, Bucky, and Yoda. DTC added Scoob, Baseman and Tenchu. Matrix left DTC. A bunch of players left UDA. I beleive I have their roster correct now. Corrected the WsC and PQ rosters as well. Added a few players to the Primagen lineup.

Most of this update was completed on the 29th of January. Latest news is actually a bit better. ChrisR!k has found a way to start banning cheaters from servers.Click here to check it out. Also there is a new Turok 2 Petition that has been started by ibi_Shib@ of the PK clan. Click here to go sign it.

Its 4am now. Thought I would complete this update before I went to bed. This site is has had over 6000 hits now. I have spent the past month or so away from Turok 2. I have missed some things, however nothing majorly new seems to happen anymore. Its the same old thing all the time. We have people who clan skip from one to the next that makes this site annoying to update watching the same people jump clans every few days. Another reason why I haven't updated. Cheaters everywhere. It gets annoying after a while running into people with Auto Aim on in the servers. Or infinite health. Yea its fun to screw around like that every once in a while I guess, but it gets really old quick. I used to play to have fun, but it's just not fun to have to deal with cheaters on a nightly basis. So some players come up with a way to block out cheaters. Its not flawless of course, but it's a start. I think the petition for Turok 2 is a good idea also, but I don't think Acclaim will even look at it unless we get around 1000 signatures. Either way I hope for the best. Hmm what else... Message Board is loaded with interesting comments to continue on the soap opera. Not what I intended it to be used for but nothing I can do about that. Clans have come and gone day to day I'm sure, but I don't know who they are or much anything about them so I can't add them into the site. I'm still pretty much doing this site myself. Hmmm. Vertigo is back in Turok 2 now. The RoH site was redone a while back, it looks really nice. Check it out. I had plans for a new Turok 2 League that still haven't panned out. Also there is no Level editor except the one that Acclaim has. No one else has it. Thats about it I guess.

1-04-2001 A New Year
Ahh a new year. Lets hope its better than the previous one's I've had. Turok 2 is still alive unlike everyone has predicted. It doesn't die very easily. Well, I'll recap what I've updated. This biggest news of the week is the Sinister has left Turok 2!! I have added his farewell speech to the Documents page. Read it to find out why he left. Also added 5 other new things to the Documents page. Added a clan fight to the Clan Fights page. I made the changes to the RoH roster. They are now 13 members. They went through a reorganization when Sinister left. Mandy and Chaos have left SiR. I have made those changes. Mandy joined VTO. I took out the 911 clan because Stealth joined MoO and 911 is now dead. Readded the G2K clan because I have found out that they never really died. made a couple changes to the Timeline. I updated the LS roster. And I also redid the first few clans on the Past Clans page. I will eventually redo all the clans on there, adding in all the information I know about them all. It's 4:40 in the morning now, I'm tired and can't think of anymore to add. Time to upload. This update seemed so much bigger. Oh yea I remember what took so much time. I fixed the downloads page sort of. It will be a temporary fix. I will find a better way to do it later.

12-24-2000 Christmas Eve
Well it's Christmas Eve. I'm alone here as I usually am. Well being alone with nothing better to do, I decided to update the site. I'll just type off the list of things I had to fix. Fixed the link to the PQ rules on the Documents Page. Made corrections to the Clans Page. MoO means Monks on Opium now I am told. Giskard is not the Leader, there is no Leader in that clan. Found out the Somedude is Leader of SotN. Lucky Luke is the Leader of NEM, not Raptor. Made the changes to correct those mistakes. Added Tyrant back onto VTO. Added a note that ChrisR!k is Coleader of that clan also. Removed Vader from the list of VTO members. Removed Hellspawn from the HoBz clan profiles as he is now know as Somedude(Leader of SotN). Added Savage to the Former Members of DTC. Totally corrected the NEM clan profile as much of it was off. Added Apocalypse and Meyham to the NFM page. Changed Audacity's ICQ number on the NFM page. Added Tyrant to the Former members on the KWR page. Added Marcus' ICQ number on the KWR page. Added Hellspawn to the Former members on the HoBz page. Changed Lerenzo to Zo on the UDA page. Added Matrix to the UDA page. Change Britney to Picolo on the WsC page. Added Nookie to the MoO page. Removed the SWE clan from the Clans page all together because they no longer exist. Added a link to the new Rok Tournament on the Links Page. I think thats all the major news. NEW MESSAGE BOARD!! POST SOMETHING THERE!! Forgot to make that bigger in my last update. Well I guess thats it for now. Ooops almost forgot the big news. Killer Z has joined the SiR clan. I have added him to the SiR clan profile.

And something unrelated to Turok 2 now. On behalf of myself and the staff of The Turok Archive, I'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Spend some time with loved ones. Don't spend this time of year alone. It just sucks when that happens. I know it all too well. Have some fun and don't drink too much.

12-19-2000 Check out the NEW clan profiles
Yea this update has taken a long time to do, but its worth it. All kinds of new information in the clan profiles. The MoO clan is the biggest new addition probably. Three guys left AoA to form the MoO clan. Added a Message board to the site. Added a couple other new clans. Added profiles for a few clans. Most of the update is in the Clan Profiles, so take a look at them. Added a link to the links page. added one thing to the Documents page, made the necessary changes to the Timelime and Past clans pages. Did some spelling corrections throughout the site. Added some clan fights to the Clan Fights page. Check out the Site, theres new stuff here and there. I'm kinda rushing this so I can get this update done before work. I still didn't get to fixing the Downloads page, but I will as soon as I can. Lots more stuff to come when I get some time. I have a million ideas right now.

11-28-2000 New Design for the site is finished
I started working on the new design about 2 weeks ago. I have worked on it on and off since then. It's been tedious and time consuming as well as stressful. Applying a new design to 89 pages in a quick amount of time is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I think I have everything working now. Its taken so long that I'm sure there are some mistakes here and there. But still this is going to be the new design for a while, I won't even attempt another redesign on my own. I should have some better updates next week, I have more plans for the site. So by now the total redesign is quite obvious. New buttons, new graphics, somewhat of a new layout. Lots of stuff is still similar to the old design though. I think this is a pretty good facelift. Before I get into what else I have changed on the site, I would like to welcome 2 new staff members to the site. Radimus and HaDeS will now be helping me with the site. Well, that means there is a staff page now heh. The tributes are now all on one page. Contacts are now on the staff page. The About page is now only about Turok 2. Old contact page is now a Submit Information page. Got rid of the graphics page and put the graphics in 2 zip files on the Downloads page. Total new look to the clans page. Some better organization on the Documents page. There's some better organization on the links page as well. Past clans page is a bit different now. Events page is now the Clan Fights page. Ok, onto some smaller things. Added 3 links to the Links page. Corrected one of the links on the Downloads page and made a note on there as well. I deleted some of the useless entries from the Old Guestbook pages. Made updates to the EW, RoH and DTC pages. Added the GAHL and KWR clans. Made some small additions to the Timeline. Added the first 2 Articles written by Radimus to the Documents page and Added the Screenshot info to the page as well. Ahh I'm sure there's other stuff on the site that has been updated, take a look around, I can't remember right now. I'm just glad this update is done finally. :) Almost forgot, the site is well over 4000 hits now. Keep checking back for updates, I have more stuff planned.

To check out the old news, click here.