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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
What will you find on this page?
This page will contain the clans that are still currently active in Turok 2. Also included will be links to the websites of each clan, leaders of each clan and my own profiles on each of the clans.

The Date is Monday, the 4th of December in the year 2000, at 6:01:01pm


This Page was created by (SiR) Kalypse. Kalypse@turok.com or Kalypse@roh.itgo.com. All content and images on these pages are property of their respected owners. Some material has been borrowed from other sites. Materials from Turok 2 are copyrighted by their respected owner.

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The Current Turok 2 Clans


Attention clan leaders, If you can send me updated roster changes when they happen, I can update this site better and make it more accurate. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Clan Tag Clan Name Website Leader Archive Profile Date Created
420 420 420 Site Badass None. 3-27-2001
ASF Austrailian Frag Soldiers AFS Site Heaprnator Profile of AFS. 2-10-2000
CFH Creatures From Hell CFH Site Shak Profile of CFH. 1-??-2001
DiA Death is Awaiting DiA Site A kid, Dr. Doc Profile of DiA. 10-??-2000
DTC*Eu* Dutch Terror Corps Europe DTC-Eu Site Pulle, MacGyver Profile of DTC*Eu*. 4-??-1999
G2K Generation 2 Killas G2K Site Palladin, Dark Knight Profile of G2K. 8-05-2000
GSA Ganja Smokin Annihalators GSA Site Joni Profile of GSA. 7-??-2000
GZ Ground Zero GZ Site BoNeS Profile of GZ. 7-??-2000
HoBz Hellbent on Beating Zenith HoBz Site Breadfan Profile of HoBz. 11-4-2000
KWR Killers Without Remorse KWR Site BioHunter, Spawn Profile of KWR. 11-14-2000
LS Lost Souls LS Site Faz Profile of LS. 7-??-2000
M Mayhem M Site Bounty Lord None. 3-14-2001
NBK Natural Born Killers NBK Site Willow Profile of NBK. 4-??-2000
NEM Nothing Else Matters Unknown Lucky Luke Profile of NEM. 5-??-2000
NFM No F---ing Mercy NFM Site Audacity Profile of NFM. 3-??-1999
Nobs Nightmare on Bourbon Street Unknown Unknown Profile of Nobs. 9-??-2000
P Primagen P Site Firebird Profile of P. 7-27-2000
PK Player Killers PK Site Hybo(swe) Profile of PK. 9-3-1999
PQ Power Quebec PQ Site Blade Profile of PQ. 6-??-2000
RD Reapers of Death RD Site Alien Probe, Leonardo, Crashburn Profile of RD. 1-??-2000
RoH Realm of HuNtErS RoH Site Scarab, Crazytrain Profile of RoH. 3-??-1999
RoT Unknown Unknown Replica[X], Kenny, Predator None. 2-24-2001
SiR Soldiers in Rage SiR Site Damage Inc. Profile of SiR. 2-20-2000
SotN Snipers of the Night SotN Clan Somedude None. 12-??-2000
SSJ4 SSJ4 Unknown Trunks None. 1-??-2001
UDA Unstoppable Digital Army UDA Site DjoZ, SnIpEr Profile of UDA. 11-1-2000
VIP Very Intellegent Players VIP Site Viper77 Profile of VIP. 8-??-2000
VTO Virtually Tweaked Out VTO Site Aftermath Profile of VTO. 2-??-2000
WK Wizz Kidzz Unknown Maniac None. 12-??-2000
WsC West Side Connection WsC Site Fox, MPG Profile of WsC. 12-??-1999