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This is the Turok 2 Archive. This site was created in June of the year 2000 by Kalypse. Over the past several months it has become one of the largest collections of Turok 2 clan material on the net. Contributions by others have slowly made this site bigger and bigger. This is your chance to explore the history of Turok 2. Enjoy the ride.
What will you find on this page?
This page will contain all the clans that no longer exist. Whether they broke up, disappeared, or moved on to another game, they are all gone. They remain as a memory to Turok 2 players though.

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Clan Name Known Information About this Clan
420 This clan was started by Stryfe and Stealth. I had heard that this clan was a spinoff of the Primagen clan, however I don't think this is true. It was first formed in January of 2000. It lasted for a few months and then died. It was later brought back in April, only to die again. It was again revived in June and fell apart again in July. It had a couple later attempts to be brought back as well. Through all of the attempted comebacks, Stryfe was the only guy who stuck out the clan. The clan probly could have been revived properly, but did not have qualitly membership through some of its returns.
AA - Alien Attack The AA clan was founded by M@x+ in Febuary of 1999. They were a very good clan. Frasse was the 2nd in command of the clan til they broke up at the end of July. Other members from this clan included, but was not limited to B!tchass, Toothpick, Biivis, sLOWMOTiON, From HongKong, Neb, Ace, and Morgen. They broke up when M@x+ went off to play another game. Most of their members went on to join RoH in August.
AC - Armaggedon Clan The AC clan was the First big clan in Turok 2. It was founded by Bond, Mr. Bungle, Napalm and Vertigo. It was originally intended to be a 4 man clan. This was not to be though. Their membership was elite. They were founded in the Spring of 1999. Within a couple of months they had as high as 17 members. They set the first standards for a good clan. Internal problems between members eventually caused them to lose some of their strength and eventually they were disbanded. This clan left a tremendous impact on Turok 2 even though it is forgotten by most people. To find out more about this clan, check out the Tribute I have done to them on the Tributes page. I have all known members listed there. This clan was also known as probly the first Arena clan. They played almost all arena and were the best clan in that. Some members also played Rok, but not as many.
AKA - Alusion's Killing Army One of many clan created and destroyed by Alusion. He has been a massive clan hopper throughout his time in Turok 2. This clan was formed after he created the TDX clan with Havok. This clan had many members and just as much potential as any other clan, but Alusion decided to kill it instead. Some members included DC, Hunter, Shasta, Ace, Infusion, Eliminator, Mage and Djoz. Alusion went on to form the SeeD clan after this.
ALN - Action League Now They were one of the Original 6 Turok 2 clans from the Turok 2 league that was hosted at . They had a brief fued with the RoH clan. They moved on to Kingpin in the Spring. Later on Kalypse and HaDeS ran into them in Kingpin. Some members included Socko, Dr. Craven, Buttmunch and Vixen. RoH and ALN were supposed to have a clan fight but it never happened. This clan is somewhat responsible for RoH uniting so well in their early days as this gave RoH a reason to stick together.
AKC I have a screenshot of a member losing to about 5 RoHs somewhere, I dont remember who these guys were either, maybe another incarnation of CKC? They played during the summer of 1999.
AoD - Army of Darkness Formed in early September of 1999. RoH was going to change to this name to this, but we found this name was already taken. Lead by Lunar Kid.
AXN - Action A german clan formed after XTC broke up. Kugar was the leader, but he hasn't been wearing the tag lately and AXN seems have become NEM. I can only speculate on what happened.
BAK - Bad Ass Killas They were led by Whitepride and Curbstompr. I dont know when they fit into the timeline.
Bastid I'm not even sure what their name ment, I can't remember. They were part of Turok 2 from Febuary through April of 1999. They were very good players.


I don't know a whole lot about this clan, they popped up rather fast in the Fall of 2000. Some members seemed to be from the AKA clan. They always seemed to want a clanfight, but I don't know how many they fought even.
BKC - Blitzkrieg Clan This was a clan of newbies. I dont know where they fit into the timeline exactly. I think they are somewhere in the Spring of 2000.
BMF - Bad Mother F*ckers Lasted from about August to January. They were lead by Sinister through most of that time, at the end, Sinister tried to give leadership to Slaine and Death, but the clan disappeared. They were a bigger clan and had many players that still play now.
BoM - Bringers of Misery I'm still asking myself why I'm writing this name in here. They lasted a whole 3 days if that and did nothing in that time. They were the SFH clan and the 420 clan before that.
BSC - Best Shooting Clan This clan had 3 members. PVG, JVG and Patrick. They were formed in December and lasted through March of 2000.
CCH I dont know much about this clan either. They were a new clan back in July of 99 and had a bunch of members.I think they were a bunch of newbies maybe. All I know for sure is they were short lived and didnt make it into August.
CBK - Cold Blooded Killers Don't know a thing about them. They were created sometime last summer.
CC - Command and Conquer There have been 2 incarnations of this clan. The first one I remember better than the current one. They have recently come back.
cDs - Cronic Death Soldiers I dont know much about them. They formed in the Summer and broke up in January 2000.
CIA I came across this clan while looking through my old icq history. Only 2 known members. Pam and Canuck. Formed during last summer. Update: Catman was in this clan at one time. It was lead by Catseye's kidsister NeslaCat.
CKC All I remember is that they tried to challenge RoH to a match against XTC and they couldnt get people to show up. Created and disbanded in the sometime in the Summer
CLO Lasted from somewhere between April of 99 and August of 99. Didn't do a whole lot as far as I can remember.
DeF1 - Defcon 1 The first incarnation of this clan was lead by Kraze and Catseye. They lasted a few months and then disbanded. Most members went on to become the SoF1 clan. The second incarnation started in Febuary of 2000. They were restarted and then later merged with LMS to created KiC. This clan has been restarted again since being added here. This clan is dead again. Giskard left the clan to Guhunapimp and then he left as well leaving this clan to fold.
DWS - Dead Within Seconds Formed in the Turok 2 demo. Was broken up when Allusion joined Mayehm.
DsK - Digital Supreme Killers This clan didn't last very long. They were lead by Felix and Diamond. They broke up when Diamond joined WsC.
E - Evangelion They were formed by Solaris after Mayhem broke up. After Proto was removed from Turok 2, they had no one left to fued with and slowly broke up.
EW - Eternal Warriors/Elite Warriors Formed in July of 1999 as the Elite Warriors. I never saw them much until later on when they becaome known as the Eternal Warriors. They broke up this past Spring.

Infusion attempted to rebuild this clan in November, but it did not last. It has died again.

FaD - Find and Destroy This clan was formed Stoner after the 420 clan broke up. It has since been broken up because both Stoner and Ace from this clan joined AKA.
FM - Frag Marshalls Another mystery clan. Was formed in the Summer of 1999, one of their members joined RoH. Broke up in August of 1999.
FS - Frag Squad This clan was started in December of 1999 by Tank. It had many members but started to slowly dwindle over a few months. I haven't seen any of this clan since May probably.
FoN - Forces of Nature Kinda sad to see this clan go, but its gone now. It was started in May or June by Radimus. It was declared dead on Oct. 25, 2000. They held a tournament at one time, it was unsuccessful, but it was more then most have attempted to do in this game. They had quite a few members at the time of their breakup.
FTW - Fighting Turokian Warriors Formed by Jojo. Was disbanded in December of 1999. Another clan that I do not know very much about.
G - Genocide Clan Lasted a few days before changing their name to the Evangelion clan. Made up of former Mayhem members.
G2K - Generation 2 Killas This was a clan started by Ice Killa a couple months ago. I think it lasted longer then anyone expected it to, but like so many of his other clans, It ended with the clan dying because he gave up on it.
GitM - Guerrillas in the Mist They were from the earlier days of the Turok 2 community. There was only 2 members from what I recall. They used to host a server for Turok 2 players also.


A clan started by Solaris, but has been marked by inactivity, so I have added them here.
iB - Immortal Brotherhood Created by Crazykiller. HaDeS joined to help get this clan going, but it eventually merged into Mayhem. Created in March and lasted til April.
IC - Immortal Creatures This clan was created by Cinder and Mummy. I rarely even seen them play though. They have been inactive pretty much since they were created. I figured it was about time I took them off since they haven't been seen in months.
ISR They were around for a few months without making much noise in Turok. The only thing i can recall from them for sure is that a member named My First Time was using a health cheat so that he never died. Nothing much else really happened with them
KiC - Killer Instinct Clan Giskard and Element lead this clan. It was created in May when LMS and DeF1 merged. Giskard disappeared in June and soon after all the rest of the members left the clan.
KKND - Kill Krush and Destroy Formed over the Summer. Disappearded mysteriously, their last member joined LL.
KM - Killing Machine These guys disappeared as fast as they formed. It was lead by Cane and the_shyster. Seemed to be a group of mostly newbies
KoD - Knights of Destruction Formed after LttP fell apart. Fei and Citizen-X formed the core of this group. They soon fell apart after Fei and Citizen became inactive. Though I don't think they are officially dead, they aren't looking like they are coming back anytime soon, they have been inactive for 2 months almost.
LC - Lazarus Clan Short lived, didnt make much noise. The leader signed a couple guestbooks, thats where I found out about the clan from.
LL - Lethal They had a much longer existance then most clans. Formed in the Spring of 1999 and lead by Roguekiller for a long time. He built a clan from nothing that went on to become the best clan in Turok at one point. Ironicly it was also Roguekiller who helped this clan into its demise. By choice or not, he eventually disappeared from Turok 2 in March of 2000. Reappeared months later, but by no means has made any comeback into Turok. During his absense, many players left the clan. It slowly deteriorated. Killer Z attempted to rebuild it in the Summer, but he never had the time to bring it back to its former glory. The only remaining members that were semi-active were Ma Bad, Killer Z and Rookie. Killer Z finally declared this clan dead on the 9th of November 2000.
LMS - Last Man Standing Created by Unreal in Febuary of 2000. Merged with DeF1 to form KiC in May.
LTTP - Link to the Past Turned out to be a fraud of a sort. They were players from other clans that secretly made this clan. Lasted only a few weeks. The leaders name was Ghaleon
M - Mayhem They were formed out of the remains of the Umbrella clan. They eventually grew to nearly 20 members. Recently broke up after losing a clan match to RoH.
MC - Murder Corps They were also very short lived like many other clans. Nothing really happened with them.

MoO - Monks on Opium

This clan was started in December of 2000 by Giskard, Primagen and Ma Bad. Shortly after, Morpheous, Stealth and Nookie all joined. The clan became inactive though and it broke up in January. This clan had no leader like AoA. All members were equals.
NEFL - Never Ending Frag Limit Formed during last summer and were not very active. Disappeared sometime ago.
P - Primagen This clan was started in the late Summer of 1999. They have had several incarnations since then. The first one was lead by Crying Freeman and Firebird. I do not know which of these 2 created the clan, but Crying Freeman built most of the first incarnation. They were the first clan to admit to being newbies. At one time they had as many as 28 members, but eventually they slowly fell apart. Crying Freeman and Firebird had a match to determine who would be the leader at one point I beleive. Firebird won it and Crying Freeman left the clan.(Thats what I heard anyway) Shortly after Freeman left, many other members followed. First 3 members left to for the Special Forces clan. Then individuals left one by one. Then another group of players left to form the Reapers of Death clan in January of 2000. Slowly the clan fell into ruin and by April of 2000, the clan was dead. It was revived though in July of 2000 by Leon. He left the RD clan and restarted the Primagen clan. In about September of 2000, things started to get confusing. Firebird showed up again and wanted his clan back. I don't know what happened here exactly but Leon's Primagen clan was disappearing anyway, and Firebird wanted the name back so he started his own Primagen clan. Some members of Leon's clan have since joined up with Firebird and Leon has since left the clan. They were also the first clan in Turok 2 to use a one letter tag.
PM - Peace Makers This clan was created in the Fall of 1999. I just found out about it recently though. The three members were Godfather, Aggressor and Renegade before they joined the Primagen clan.
PK - Player Killers Ok your probably asking why these guys are on this list. Well there were 2 versions of the PK clan. This was the first incarnation. It was lead by 4u2fear. They fueded with the Armaggedon Clan early on in Turok 2. Were considered a joke by many at that time because they would accept almost anyone to join their clan. They had over 30 members. The new incarnation is far from anything like this, but for the vetrans of this game, this clan will not be forgotten.
PKS I dont know who they were, I have a record here of this clan exisiting though. Maybe this is one of the original 6 turok 2 clans, I'm not sure.
RoH - Realm of HaDeS This was the first name of the RoH clan. Most don't know of its long existance. This clan was founded by HaDeS in March of 1999. It grew to be the strongest clan in Turok 2. Gradually it fell apart though. In March of 2000 it was renamed to Realm of HuNtErS.

RoH - Religeon of Hazard

No Relation to the other RoH. I didn't know about this one really. It lasted a week from what I heard.
Ronin - Ronin Warriors Im not sure when this clan was formed, but it was broken up in September of 2000. Santana was the leader and there was a lot of members.
S - Soldier Created by Sephiroth after the Mayhem clan broke up. It has since merged with the Super Saiyan clan.
Seed Ahh yes Alusion clan skips again. Big whoop, nothing new really. Alusion and Primagen started this and Alusion ended it because he can't stay with a clan for more then a month. I think this one lasted 10 days.
SF - Special Forces This clan was formed by 3 people in December of 1999. They were all former members of the Primagen Clan. The clan was active up until early April when the leaders(Pharao, Godfather, and Agressor) started saying it was dead. Then they supposedly returned in mid-April and merged with the 420 clan. The last update on their website was 4-17-2000. I havent seen or heard anything from them since then.
SFH - Soldiers from Hell/Skills from Heaven Another one I'm asking myself why I added them here. Did they last more than 2 days? I dont know. They were the 420 clan then changed thier name to this, then to BoM before that clan folded.
SiR - Soldiers in Rage I bet you are saying "this clan isnt dead". Well there was a previous incarnation of it before the current one. This first version was also lead by Damage Inc. The clan was eventually disbanded and 3 of its 4 members joined RoH.
SK - Serial Killas Formed by Ice Killa, lasted only about 2 weeks before merging with Primagen.
SKS - Serial Killing Snipers I have finally found out some information about this clan. They were lead by Alan who was also known as Tank and was the leader of FS. They required members to have a connection faster than 56k to join. Fast connections didn't mean quality players though as I watched them get beat many times.
SoF1 - Soldiers of Force Most of the players from the First DeF1 went on to form this clan. was lead by MPG. Some members from this clan went on to form the WsC clan.
SoB - Sons of Bitches Created by Catman. There are only about 4 members that i can remember from this clan, but they were good. Kraze, Catseye, and Monique were all members. They eventually merged into LL in November.
SoD - Souls of Death Very short lived. They changed their name to Digital Supreme Killers to get rid of a member.

SoZ - Saints of Zodiac

I talked to their leader Audacy when they were first forming and they seemed like they had a lot of potential, but they have since disappeared.
StK - Straight Thug Killas Another clan formed by Ice Killa, lasted about a month and a half.
ST - Shock Troopaz Used to put up a very good team server for players to use. Another one of the original 6 clans.
SS - Super Saiyans Created in September, they merged with the Soldeir clan.
SW - Silent Warriors Only had 3 members in its short existance. They came and then disappeared.
SWE - Swedish Warrior Elite Formed in the Spring of 1999 and lasted until January of 2000. Some of the members went on to join LL.
T - Takhisis Created by Tony. There was a really nice story on the site I remember. Too bad I forgot to save it at the time. The website was really nice.
TDX - The Digital Extreme Formed by Alusion and Havok. Havok left LL to form this clan with Alusion. After getting a decent roster of members, Alusion left. He compalained there was too much to do as clan leader, yet this wasn't true. It didn't matter though. He took basically all the members from TDX minus Havok and made AKA.
TG - Team Genesis Formed by Prototype after his Mayhem clan was beaten by RoH. Proto ended the clan when his web XZpage was hacked
U - Umbrella Lasted from September to April. Lead by Prototype. They eventually beat RoH and LL in close matches. Fueded with RoH for about a month during the winter months. The remains to the clan became the Mayhem clan.
UcK - Ultimate Clan Killers Lead by Hawk and Raven. They were former members of KiC that left when Giskard disappeared. Many former KiC members joined. All members took on a bird name. They lasted a little over a month. They broke up shortly after Hawk(Ice Killa) left to form G2K.
UK - Ultimate Killers I dont know a whole lot about this clan either, they came and left Turok without making much news.
VaS - Virtual Assasin Squad Used for not even one whole day. This was going to be the name used by RoH when it was found that AoD was already taken. It was not popular though and there was another vote taken where SiR was chosen.
WoI - Warrior of Illusion This was the first name of the KoD clan. The name was used for a few days before being changed to Knights of Destruction.
X Clan X created by BlackDeath. Merged with Mayhem on June 16.
XiR - Xcellent Internet Raiders Disappeared as fast as they came around. They fueded with the Umbrella clan very briefly.
XTC Lasted from Spring to early Fall. I dont know much about them, they were a German clan that I wasn't in contact with at the time. Some members went on to form the Action clan and PH XTC.

There are many more clans I'm sure, I will add them as I can.